[lbo-talk] I Should Have Left the Communist Party

Evergreen Readers and Writers editor at evergreenreaders.com
Thu Aug 18 18:13:35 PDT 2011

Should Have! But didn't have the clarity of vision, clarity of purpose, courage or honesty to so.

And didn't even have the Rotten Scoundrelism of Boris Yeltsin in him.

And how would he become President and world-famous unless he clung to the party in power.

"Socialists", "State or Capitalist-sponsored Workers' Parties", Labour Parties (without anything of labour in them)" State Capitalist Class did far greater damage to the working class and to the humanity than can be described in words. They massacred the prospect of the German Revolution in the very beginning and paved the way for Hitler's ascension to the throne, and the total downfall of entire Europe, from which it could never rise up again--socially, culturally, or in any other wholesome-for-life manner. They wholeheartedly participated in the worldwide massacre of working class in the Second World Idiotic War... ....

Lenin: "Today the bourgeoisie and social-traitors are jubilating in Berlin-they have succeeded in murdering Karl Leibknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. Elbert and Scheidemann, who for four years led the workers to the slaughter for the sake of depredation, have now assumed the role of butchers of the proletarian leaders. The example of German revolution proves that 'democracy' is only a camouflage for bourgeoisie robbery and the most savage violence. "Jan 19, 1919"

There and then I, you and all fell down, There and then Bolsheviks were crushed, There and then Lenin's limbs paralyzed:

"Comrades, owing to a slight indisposition, I must first ask you to excuse me for having to confine myself today to only a few remarks on the question now put before you... "Jan 20, 1919"--Lenin

(What Lenin must have borne during that one night from 19.1.1919 to 20.1.1919 is hidden in the expression slight indisposition.)

There and then the world war resumed. There and then Stalinists assumed power. There and then Marxism was murdered. And I, you and all fell down. There and then Europe was slain. There and then perversion won. There and then Hitler emerged. There and then, Sixty million lives were slaughtered anew-six million Jews. 11 million combatants and seven million civilians from USSR-and Stalin is reckoned a good boy for this, for he was one with the Allies in the barefaced ultra-savagery. United kingdom: 3,57,116, USA: 298131; G e r m a n y : 4,280,000. China: 1,310,224 combatants, 22,000,000 civilians;....

Whose crimes are all these graves? Answer! Answer! A single Hitler couldn't do so! Lords, Priests, Statesmen, Bosses! Answer! Answer! Rulers and politicians all! Answer! Answer! I don't blame any individual, But then facts do seek answer. Tell me, tell everybody! How you manage to make us dupes! And to what purpose so? Say, how long plan you and hope to be Making dupes of everybody? And to what purpose so? Say how long can you keep pull on The carcass of humanity upon your shoulders? And to what purpose so?

You have made rabid beasts of your statesmen. You have made all people around you completely silly and wretched. You have made machines of human beings. You have rendered everybody forlorn. You have butchered character. You have derailed the purpose of exploration, research and knowledge. You have made the whole human race senseless. The pursuit of truth is nearly annihilated now. Courage and heroes are fast heading towards extinction. What sort of world do you envisage to have? And to what purpose so?

You are old. You are emaciated. However rude it may be to inform a mortally sick old witch, or system, about the inevitable, the truth can't be hidden. Even if you try to hide it, the truth is still manifest. It is better therefore to tell you openly that the inevitable is impending. So that if the old witch or organism didn't know the discipline to live, even if she lived a dissipated and shameful life, she can receive some courtesy at death if she still has any sense in tact or any intelligence in store or any power of sight left to understand and accept the truth. Her corpse has to be buried after all.

Her corpse shouldn't be left to decay- that will be harmful for the living beings. A good priest should recite the prayers. Her lunacy has to be kept under control. She should be absolved of sins- she may desire the unction. She should die as peacefully as possible. Death is inevitable to all, for the old in a twinkle.

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