[lbo-talk] Shoplifters of the world, unite

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Aug 22 11:41:09 PDT 2011

Dean is taking the wrong end first. There cannot be a theory of a givenmovement until that movement has come into existence through what will appear as "spontaneous" activity. First action, on a fairly wide scale, and THEN, within that movement, the gradual theorization of the kinds of organization that movement needs. This is how the RSDLP came into existence. The Pary Zizek, Dezn, et al seem to be envisaging is a wet dream of Stalin/Trotsky, which neer had any real material base in advanced industrial nations.

This topic too I hope to come back to in afew weeks. I'm not going to read the posts in til then.


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