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At 11:29 AM 8/24/2011, Doug Henwood wrote:

>Are all hotel rooms this covered in jizz?

I don't know how much Primetime can be trusted but I remember someone telling me about this when it came out. His take was there's even more semen in expensive hotel rooms because if you're going to spend that much money you're more likely to have a party in the room:


ABC News Primetime went to 20 well-known hotels in New York, Miami, Houston and Los Angeles to find out just how clean the rooms really are. Armed with a black light, they searched for evidence.

What the Black Light Revealed

Inside a $300-a-night room at one of New York's finest hotels, there was dried semen on the bedspread and urine stains on the bedroom walls.

At a Miami hotel, part of a well-recognized chain, the black light revealed an unusual pattern in the carpeting in the bedroom. That pattern turned out to be trails of urine. h Your Hands Watch Video

"Either somebody was doing something they shouldn't have," said Dr. Mark Callahan, a physician at New York Presbyterian Hospital, "or alternatively, they may have had an animal in there."

At another four-star resort, the black light illuminated traces of urine on the walls, the bedspread, chairs, a bathroom vanity stool and on the carpet right where people step into bed.

Regardless of cost -- from a one-star hotel room priced at $55 a night to a five-star room hotel room renting for $400 a night -- lab results showed traces of urine or semen in every room Primetime tested.

"There's a lot going on behind those doors," Callahan said. "And the reality is that the hotels are not going to be wiping down the walls and those surfaces."

While cleaning crews may dust, vacuum and disinfect daily, most hotels say they do deep cleaning only four times a year, on average -- unless stains are visible. But most unsuspecting hotel guests aren't prepared for the surprises Primetime found, like urine on a hotel Bible.

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