[lbo-talk] Strauss Kahn

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Wed Aug 24 21:13:37 PDT 2011

On Aug 24, 2011, at 4:05 PM, Doug Henwood wrote:
> SA is onto something, with the way so many leftists are willing to hang 'em high if the charge is rape.

The bulk of SA’s responses seem to be to Wojtek, and Wojtek has been fairly consistent in saying that we will likely never know the facts here but it is suspicious to once again see the criminal justice system trend of the rich getting off (and the poor getting screwed) playing itself out. It’s just speculation. If Wojtek called for DSK to be hanged high, I missed it.

Also, of course leftists are extra careful/sensitive to the issue of rape. It occurs frequently, keeps a good part of 50% of the population in some state of unease (to use a mild word), is difficult to establish (or has been, historically) and often hinges on the word of the victim. Further, the charge has been countered time and again by reference to the characteristics of the victim (slut, liar, flirt, whore, etc). Hence the extra sensitivity. Why is that problematic?

Trotting out that tired right-wing favourite - “PC" - is hardly a sign of someone being “onto something”, to me.

Again, there is no 180-degree turn here. This can be shown, I think, by canvassing for opinion on the Central Park jogger case and the eventual acquittal of the black men (boys) accused of the crime, or the Anita Hill - Clarence Thomas episode, or Emmett Till, etc. In all instances, I think leftists will be found consistent in their inkling that the principles of the justice system (laid out in the constitution and other legal documents, theories and arguments) have less to do with meting out of justice than the station, colour or other markers of the accused and/or the victim(s).


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