[lbo-talk] Criminal malfeasance

Chuck Grimes c123grimes at att.net
Thu Aug 25 11:31:22 PDT 2011

From: "C. G. Estabrook" <galliher at illinois.edu>
> "...it might be time to wonder if is this the most disappointing president
> we’ve ever had."
> http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2011/08/25-0
> And Warren Buffett bets that Obama's criminal malfeasance will succeed:
> "Buffett Invests $5 Billion in Bank of America" [NYT].

Yes, it certainly worth a click and read. Tabbi has done a lot writing on Obama as cover-up artist for vast corporate malfeasance. He did a piece on the SEC and its revolving door between heads of investigation for the government, then big money job offers from the finance giants, then back to the SEC incomplete conflict of interest, just by passed. He estimated that 18,000 preliminary investigation paperwork has been shreaded between 1992 to 2007.

Now this deal as a group settlement for 18 billion, when Florida Pension Fund alone lost 62 billion to these crooks.

Operation Obama Cover Up has been very busy this year and last. There was the BP disaster, then this year the Fukashima disaster and the fed deal with the nuclear power industry. Now back to covering up the big money. Buffet is betting it goes through.

The article you linked has funny comments. They begin by wondering how long it will be before somebody finds a prostitute, under age affair in the closet or kiddy porn turns up on Eric Schneiderman laptop.

I keeping reading story after story, nothing happens, the story goes away. Then arrives a new story and has its day, and nothing happens.


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