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> i liked Salt (written by a guy with leftish credentials) - and it was
> James' response to my commentary on it that got me thinking about
> these publishing fads.
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> Yes. And I was not moralizing. I was simply speculating on what is fueling such fads

Jeff Sharlet (a religion writer some of you may know or know of) is tweeting right this very second in a way that seems germane to the conversation: http://twitter.com/JeffSharlet/status/108061126587191296 http://twitter.com/JeffSharlet/status/108061676435283968 "Too many publishers say: This book sold! Do another one. But just the same."

It's got me thinking of a Mitchell and Webb sketch where Dawkins is talking to the editor who wants another book. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv_9NQL73hI

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