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I don't understand. La Leche is about breast feeding babies. You call them because you're interested in breast feeding your baby, and if there are any problems, your pediatrician/obstetrician is clueless. I don't see how that's dogmatism. They were incredibly helpful: we had a common goal.

Why should they not be upset if mother's milk becomes toxic?

What am I missing here?


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Joanna, in my experience, if there is any group on earth more dogmatic and sectarian than the Trotskyists, it is La Leche. One point the anti-nuclear testing peole would sometimes make was that strontium 90 had gotten into women's milk. La Leche people went ballistic over that.


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> I can answer ravi's question: La Leche League
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> Question to ravi: can you give me an example of an institution or a
> social movement that is not manipulated by elites or wannabe elites?
> I cannot think of any.
> Wojtek
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