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Well Keynes's own brand of Keynesianism was intended to rescue capitalism. He was quite anticommunist and anti-Marxist. Nevertheless, his Keynesianism was well to the left of most of the prevailing latter-day versions of it.

Paul Sweezy in his 1942 book, The Theory of Capitalist Development, noted the resistance that much of the capitalist class had to the adoption of Keynesian-based economic management. Michel Kalecki analyzed capital's resistance to full-employment policies. But Kalecki, Steindl, and Sweezy, would soon take not of forms of Keynesianism that would prove much more palatable to capital, like military Keynesianism.

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Note that I'm not arguing that the Keynesian remedy doesn't lead to
> other problems. In any case, the limit of capital is capital itself
> as a social relation. The ultimate basis of capital is inequality
> plus markets. Keynesians are willing to violate the market principle
> to save capitalism from itself. It's silly to pretend that their
> approach is entirely ineffectua

We'll, it seems like Milton and Nixon may have said, We Are All Keynesians Now http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_are_all_Keynesians_now

We have every kind of Keynesianism except the kind original proposed by Keynes

modern Keynesianism is a form of Conservative Socialism (a mutant of social conservatism) aka socialism for the rich

Penal Keynesianism (Prison Industrial complex) Financial Keynesianism (To Big To Fail) War on Terror Keynesisia (Military Industrial Complex) Media Keynesianism (Citizens United Money Talks Elections) Health Keynesianism (Obama Care) Charter School Keynesianism (No Child Left Behind)

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