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2011/12/2 MICHAEL YATES <mikedjyates at msn.com>:
> >From his rich and privileged post at Columbia, Sachs has reinvented himself as a critic of what he once said and did. But the people of Poland continue to suffer, in a way Sachs never will, the consequences of what he once said and did. Why doesn't he go to Poland and apologize to the Polish people? If he is really sincere now, shouldn't he do what John Gurley did and become a radical?
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I'll repeat what I said on Doug's Facebook page (approximately). Yes Sachs would be a better person if he apologized, though I think he has enough blood on his hand that an apology would not be sufficient. But by being a consistent critic of actually existing capitalism and an advocate for working class reforms, he has become an ally. I don't have to like him or trust to accept his help as long as he actually helps our side of the fence. Though social clubs can play an important role in politics, politics is not a social club. The fight is too important to reject an alliance on the basis of personal character. Accept his help, and turn against him in the event (not at all unlikely) that he someday turns against us.

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