[lbo-talk] sachs and poland

Eubulides paraconsistent at comcast.net
Sun Dec 4 21:00:04 PST 2011

On 12/3/2011 10:23 AM, Wojtek S wrote:

> [WS:] This is not to defend Sachs, but the big jump argument was very
> popular in Eastern Europe at that time. Even more peculiar is the
> fact that this argument is borrowed (without proper credits) from
> Oskar Lange, who staunchly defended superiority of socialism over
> capitalism. Lange argued that transition from capitalism to socialism
> must be made at once to avoid serious disruptions of the production
> during the transition.


For those interested in more detail on the above, check Johanna Bockman's "Markets in the Name of Socialism: the Left-Wing origins of Neoliberalism". The asides on Branko Milanovic's encounter with Sachs as well as the chapter on Yugoslavia make the somewhat steep price of the book bearable. Plenty of material on Lange as well.


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