[lbo-talk] Education expenses, putting it in perspective.

Wojtek S wsoko52 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 08:46:07 PST 2011

CG: "Teaching at the museum was a terrible experience and I got canned for swearing."

[WS:] I share your pain. Teaching undergrad courses ain't any better. The last time I taught undergrad courses (as a TA) was some 20 years ago at Rutgers, and it was like working with high school students (based on what my wife who teaches in high school tells me) - you have to be entertaining to be tolerated, and dog forbid if you speak with an accent and say something that may be interpreted as unpatriotic. I got canned on a wave of undergrad student resentment of foreign born TAs, which was mainly in the math and sciences, as few locals were qualified to teach these subjects. But then I got a research gig at Hopkins, which eventually morphed into a full time job, so I quickly forgot the whole undergrad teaching experience.


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