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Chuck Grimes c123grimes at att.net
Mon Dec 5 19:37:38 PST 2011

Capitalists and finance rule governments directly? The appointed PMs of both Italy and Greece are financial administrators. They are politely called `technocrats', but they are basically the enemy. This is the equivalent of having the governor of Michigan appoint a financial administrator for Flint or several towns and school districts around California.

There is nothing wrong with California that a strong reform of the tax code could not fix. We are the richest state in the union. From San Diego, Long Beach-LA and Oakland we account for some huge amount of Pacific Rim trade---the source of all our jobs and most of our appliances and durable consumer goods. Fucking shut it down and watch them squeal.

What I don't understand is why there isn't a massive revolt, storming euro parliaments, burning down financial centers, shutting down mass transit, ports, communications, and stopping the economy directly by the masses and the workers. And I don't mean for a few convenient days... like Oakland ILWU did as a demonstration. Pull in the Teamsters to kill off trucking and get the IBEW to stop maintenance on electric utilities. The pilots still have a union, no? I mean for weeks at a time. Over and over.

We hold the power of society, and I have no idea why we don't use that power. Most of our jobs are gone anyway. What are they going to do? Hire scabs to fly giant passanger jets, run the heavy equipment at the ports, drive thirteen wheelers, electricute themselves on power lines? The damage we could do is tremendous, without any violence at all. That doesn't mean the state won't get violent. But so what?

The rise of nationalism and therefore possibly fascism is raised. I am not sure, but the rise and fall of the US teabags illustrated it was organized by Dick Armey et al, and paid for by the Koch Brothers as a wholly owned division of the Republican party. In other words it was a propaganda device to stimulate righwing populism, which didn't take hold. That fact and the rise of OWS overnight at ten times the numbers tells me most USers are not closet fascists, even in the South and Midwest. Arizona and SoCal maybe... But that influence is on the vertical and accelerated ride: F = G((m1 x m2)/r^2). Downward bound.

Things could change, but I doubt it. Newt Gingrich was the most hated politican in the US when he left as majority leader. Besides being a double talking inversion fraud, he is also an asshole par execellance. Just follow the facts of his divorces. Somebody nuke him with securities fraud and child molesting charges---tots of sex or something. Please. Who cares if it is true. What is true in any event?

Mitt is ripe for picking on prostitution somewhere, I am sure. Where is his wife and what is she doing? His children must be in Vegas doing tricks for big cash donors. Tell me it isn't true. Insist it isn't true, spend ten weeks denying its truth and pretty soon it becomes true.

The Demos are running around with their middle finger up their ass, screaming it hurts... Oh Dear God take it out....


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