[lbo-talk] Occupation action: Bobby's Story: Veteran Facing Foreclosure, Fighting Back December 05, 2011

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et Bobby Hull: A Vietnam veteran with the Marine Corp, Bobby first began living in his South Minneapolis home when his mother bought it in 1968. The title was later transferred to him, and he made timely payments on the house for decades while his 9 brothers and sisters and innumerable extended family used the home as a stable transition point as they worked through the economic downturn. He was able to continue making payments until a string of recent health problems began.

Due to the strain of his work as a master Plaster worker over the past 38 years, Bobby has had to undergo multiple surgeries on both of his shoulders over the past ten years. The 6-12 month recovery time for each surgery has resulted in a major loss of income, and he has had no luck with his attempts to gain a loan modification with Bank of America. He submitted all of the requested documentation and was offered a new payment of $50.00 less than his original. Meanwhile Bank of America bought the home back at the Sheriff's Sale for $83,700, and Bobby and his family is now facing a February 2012 eviction from their childhood home, in the dead of winter.

He was surprised to learn that we were organizing to help him and others in his position. “Thank God this is happening. I’ve read the Constitution and I know that it’s supposed to be ‘We the people’, Said homeowner Bobby Hull. "If people start getting together we may have a chance. I’ve served my time in Vietnam and I’m not afraid to fight again.”

Bobby is being helped by Occupy Minneapolis and Minnesota Neighborhoods Organizing for Change.

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