[lbo-talk] cultural notes

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Wed Dec 7 06:43:44 PST 2011

[from Mike Allen]

TOP TUNE: "Kid Rock anthem to be Romney's campaign theme song," by Detroit News' David Shepardson: "Romney, a Detroit native who ... was the son of former Michigan Gov. George Romney, is using Kid Rock's 'Born Free.' ... Ryan Williams, a Romney campaign spokesman, confirmed ... Kid Rock ... was born in Romeo [Mich.] and has been a supporter of the Republican party and George W. Bush." Music video http://youtu. be/bu3rsha1ZtI

--LYRICS: "Fast, on a rough road riding / High, through the mountains climbing / twisting, turning further from my home. / Young, like a new moon rising / Fierce, through the rain and lightning / Wandering out into this great unknown. / And I don't want no one to cry. / But, tell 'em if I don't survive / I was born free! ... Free, like a river raging / Strong, as the wind I'm facing. / Chasing dreams and racing father time. / Deep, like the grandest canyon, / Wild, like an untamed stallion. / If you can't see my heart, you must be blind. / You can knock me down and watch me bleed / But you can't keep no chains on me. / I was born free!" http://bit.ly/s2 jQXW

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