[lbo-talk] posh as fuck

123hop at comcast.net 123hop at comcast.net
Thu Dec 8 11:18:45 PST 2011

Woj writes:

Contrast that with the prose of JK Galbraith who does not waste an opportunity to take shots at the conventional economic wisdom, yet his prose while addressing highly technical subjects is nonetheless crystal clear and easy to understand by anyone with an average level of competence in the English language. If everyone could write like Galbraith, I am reasonably sure that the influence of alternative modes of thought on both academic instruction and public discourse would visibly improve. ----------------------------------

The other example that comes to mind is Graeber who combines pellucid, elegant clarity with fine scholarship in his Debt book. I'm not saying writing clearly is easy. It's very hard. But, based on my experience of reading scholarly/academic work over the last forty years, it is absolutely false to claim that you need difficult/abstruse language to handle complex topics.


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