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>> Your post reminds me of Philip Kitcher’s intro to
>> his book Vaulting Ambition.
> Funny you should mention. I just picked up this
> book from the recycled-books table in my building,
> and have been reading it with great pleasure. My
> only regret is that it's not recent enough to contain
> a few whacks at that unspeakable creep Stephen Pinker.

Vaulting Ambition is unfortunately out of print and does predate Pinker. For a good treatment of EP in general (and in the vein of VA) I highly recommend Adapting Minds. For a short and robust take down of Pinker's adaptationism when it comes to cognition/psychology, there is Fodor's The Mind Doesn't Work That Way (even the NYRB essay that led to the book suffices to demonstrate Pinker's overreaches).

-- ravi

> (Pinker gets his 'umble toiler's paycheck from Harvard,
> that New Jerusalem of the Credentialling Sector,
> bee-tee-dubs.)
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