[lbo-talk] dreaming in public

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Dec 8 20:09:01 PST 2011

That post should cause lots of glorious confusion for anyone reading in the archives! Poor vision + carelessness + (Old Man) Absent Mindedness all wrapped up in a crowded day.


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what are you talking about Carrol? The post by Aaron Bady was about the student and instructor protest at the UC campuses. what did you read in that article to prompt this?



<> The primary fact abut any college or university is that it is a place <> where <> working-class people earn a living (and faculty is included in <> working <> class). Any attack on the university is therefore, first of all, an <> attack <> on the working class. Any statement abut faculty which compares their <> conditions to the conditions of other workers anyplace in the world is <> an <> attack on the whole working class, and hence whatever the intentions <> of the <> speaker or writer that person is engaged in a defense of capitalism,. <> <> Such comparisons are pissing contests, one of the major elements in <> working-class disunity. It is the same thing as saying women are worse <> off <> than Latinos, or Latinos are worse off than Indian peasants. <> <> I'm not reading what others have to say on this thread . . . I'm <> afraid of <> becoming personally contemptuous of people I respect. <> <> I regard respect for university workers as a matter of principle. <> Which side <> are you on? <> <> Carrol <> <> ___________________________________ <> http://mailman.lbo-talk.org/mailman/listinfo/lbo-talk <>

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