[lbo-talk] Made in China, part III (re: Dennis Claxton)

Dennis Claxton ddclaxton at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 9 07:06:44 PST 2011

At 06:51 AM 12/9/2011, Fernando Cassia wrote:

>It has stirred anti-China sentiment, a labor union backlash and
>legislation in Congress to try and force China to let its currency
>strengthen more rapidly to lower its export advantage.
>So it seems it's a bit less innocuous than the "less than 3% of U.S.
>consumption expenditures are on goods made in China" would indicate, right? FC

Depends on how you mean. I think this proves Doug's point. If the cliches were revised the ill-informed backlash wouldn't have anything to stand on.

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