[lbo-talk] Speaking of University Bashing...

shag carpet bomb shag at cleandraws.com
Fri Dec 9 09:15:59 PST 2011

michael smith: <> <> That's why I think the truly radical demand <> is, Education For Pleasure! Pay people to teach <> and study useless stuff, just for the merry hell <> of it! It's a bit like Carrol's Abolish Prisons <> slogan: it's radical because it calls into question <> all the unexamined assumptions that underly <> conventional wisdom on the subject.

that is why I want to know what people expect schooling to look like in the utopian future.

i can't fathom why we'd need it!

if you stop and think about it, in a society with no private property and with no need to sort the winners from the also rans, you have zero need for schools.

so, yay for schools. looking forward to the day we get to smash them!


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