[lbo-talk] Speaking of University Bashing...

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Dec 9 11:52:08 PST 2011

Not bad. Inside capitalism, of course, the probable reform demand is pay students to go to school. I'm only concerned in this thread that this bashing of faculty of what would be praised in most workers cease. Any worker who complains about long hours is on the right track, whether she's a janitor or a professor. (Even if she's a _lousy_ professor.) If professors are guaranteed high pay and low hours regardless of their "competence" etc, that gives students a free hand to make life a bit miserable for that professor without threatening the existence of a fellow worker.

Grading could be abandoned. And degrees. Then each county medical association (as a group and each as an individual) would be heavily punished each time even one of its members fucked up with a patient. That's a thought experiment. I doubt that inside capitalism the credentialing function can be abolished, but to see it from the perspective of my though experiment might suggest possible modifications.

The difficulty with all criticism, but particularly criticism aimed at persons, is the collapse into moral judgment -- and "bourgeois morality" is redundant -- there is no other kind of morality. And it's impossible to escape it. I fell completely to the first several posts on Gingrich today -- but Jordan is obviously right, & as soon as I read his posts I felt a bit abashed.


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michael smith: <> <> That's why I think the truly radical demand <> is, Education For Pleasure! Pay people to teach <> and study useless stuff, just for the merry hell <> of it! It's a bit like Carrol's Abolish Prisons <> slogan: it's radical because it calls into question <> all the unexamined assumptions that underly <> conventional wisdom on the subject.

that is why I want to know what people expect schooling to look like in the utopian future.

i can't fathom why we'd need it!

if you stop and think about it, in a society with no private property and with no need to sort the winners from the also rans, you have zero need for schools.

so, yay for schools. looking forward to the day we get to smash them!


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