[lbo-talk] Speaking of University Bashing...

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Fri Dec 9 14:34:11 PST 2011

Schools are hierarchical, man. You know, the teacher is presumed to know more than the students and it's all authoritarian and stuff. Besides, that shit is boring! Let's smoke a bowl and go fishing.

Doug ^^^^^^^^^^ Here's an early 70's " poem" on a teacher experimenting with non-hirearchical classes. I agree with Doug's sarcasm

Politics of Prof. John ___'s Class Experience ( 1972)

In a classless class, The teacher was oppressed by the class. Paradox underlay classroom struggle, And our minds:

In le Fronde, to a louse of Levi-Strauss, John sounded like a river doused, R.D. Laing mouse: 'the mountains are sacred, With templed pyramids, treasure boxes. The conscious and other consciouses, The part and the whole, One with the Universe, With Jung and with Yoga, Why , the inside's the outside, and...'

'Hold that Cline bottle talk ! (from one culturally boxed) 'Is it paradise or Pandora's box Paradox locks and unlocks ? And what of empirical gnomes and queries ?

Class of all classes, That don't contain themselves... Double Bind in the Mind ! Tangled rules, but exposed, So, John, you get Hempel's ,

Streaking * rose.

* streaking - early '70's campus prank of running naked publically at football games and such.

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