[lbo-talk] Edmund Wilson on Stalin

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Dec 11 13:00:48 PST 2011

Any 'culture' is quite capable of producing authoritarian regimes, left or right. But "Stalin," like "Mussolini," fascism or Stalinism, were products of a very specific historical conjuncture, and they are not going to happen again -- which doesn't mean that even worse regimes can appear.

The 'mistake' made by those who fret about the danger of "Stalinism" is that of assuming history teaches "lessons" we can learn from. It doesn't. History is crucial for political understanding, but not as a repertoire of "lessons."


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> It did produce the witch trials, Mcarthyism, internment camps, Guantanamo,
Jim Crow, and genocide.

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