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[WS:] This btw reminds me of an old Soviet joke. There was an opening for the position of the director of the Soviet Academy of Science. Three people applied: a communist, an engineer, and an economist. The communist was interviewed first. One of the interview questions was how much is two times two? He thought "this must be a trick question, everyone knows the answer to it, so what they really want to test is what kind of leadership to the Academy I will provide." So he asks "I need to call the CP Politbureau before I answer" He then calls and asks "What is the official party position on the issue two times two?"

An upon hearing the reply he answers the interview question 'two.'

The engineer went next and was asked the same question. He too thought it was a trick question designed to test his leadership skills, so he pulled a scientific calculator from his pocket, punched in the numbers and read the answer "two." Finally the economist went in and was also asked the same question, to which he replied "it depends. if we owe an imperialist country, it is three, if an imperialist country owes us it is five."

Now, who do you think got the job? After listeners try to pick the winner form the three of the above, you reply "Nope" and then provide the correct answer: "Brezhnev's nephew."


On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 2:58 PM, Chuck Grimes <c123grimes at att.net> wrote:
> They hardly needed the last item, considering all the bullshit
> demanded... COM programming? How 90s.
> I used to see similarly ridiculous skills and experience plus
> a bunch of `industry' experience on UCB listings for completely
> stupid positions like Admit.Assistant.
> CG
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