[lbo-talk] Occupy the hood: A black perspective on occupy wallstreet

shag carpet bomb shag at cleandraws.com
Tue Dec 13 03:56:19 PST 2011

here, that issue is huge. black people aren't getting involved because they see protest during Obama's presidency as making it worse for him.

I see that Rachel Maddow has Melissa Whateverhernameisnow as a guest host which, in MSNBC land, means she's gonna get her own show. *sigh*

<> Serious Black/White cooperation on the left requires the equivalent of <> the <> Panthers -- a strong Black Party, representing Black interests, but <> acting <> as an integral part of the entire U.S. left. <> <> And as Glen Ford and others have pointed out, there is a special <> problem at <> presen: the problem Obama presents for the Black Left. <> <> Carrol <> CEO)

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