[lbo-talk] Occupy the hood: A black perspective on occupy wallstreet

c b cb31450 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 09:07:28 PST 2011


Kinda lame, and the elephant in the room: black people's experience with law enforcement and prisons is not even mentioned.



^^^^^^^ CB: Ironically when I first went to this facebook page, it was featuring a demonstration commemorating the cop killing of Sean Bell in NYC several years ago, exactly the law enforcement elephant. ( although I'm not sure that that is the only elephant in Black people's experience; shorter life expectancy, greater morbidity, higher poverty rates, higher unemployment rates than whites are probably brontasauruses in the room). I urged them to make a connection to the Wall Street /1% protest . So, this item is good from my standpoint. Also, the issues you raise are elsewhere addressed on the site. Unity of the Occupation !

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