[lbo-talk] A Crisis of Neo-liberalism or a Crisis of Captialism?" by Christopher Carrico

c b cb31450 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 14:15:18 PST 2011

Dennis Claxton

>CB; How about if u paraphrase it; explain what u understood in it ?

It's a very short passage so I don't see a lot of point in a paraphrase but what I understood is: nominalism vs. universals is a false dichotomy because the relationship between them is dialectical; and, to privilege nominalism as some kind of escape from ideology is itself ideological.

^^^^^^^ CB; Well , I agree with that. All individuals have some theory or ideology when they make observations of their experience, whether they are conscious and explicit with it or not. The "universal" comes from the many social contacts with both living and dead people that all individuals have. I agree with Ted and Carrol's reference to solopsism or subjective idealism. I think positivism and empiricsim suffer this same error.

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