[lbo-talk] occupy the hood

petr dann petrdann at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 07:12:37 PST 2011

The hood resents the White Shadow....cases in point.....heard progressive radio darling chris hedges recently state on jesse jackson's 'keep hope alive' radio show that the ows-ers need to go out to the hoods and offer an apology to the folks for neglecting their issues for so long (issues that have now seemingly begun to spread to include themselves--making them uncomfortable and "feeling slave-like")....the implication being, that once done the ows-ers will be rightfully in a better position to lead us all to the promised land.......in the meantime on alan ruff"s wort-fm show in madison, hedges pontificated that its important that we defer to the police at this time (the ol' wisconsiana refrain of thank you, thank you!--we're all in the 99%?).....tell that to my kids who get stopped and frisked on the way to and during school and where pepper spray is always on hand at my son's high school basketball games for postgame crowd control or when my daughter is ordered to provide a dna sample because she has been charged with felony inciting a riot because she was on the scene of a fight.....tell me what should my 18 yr old "angry, black male" feel after being repeatedly dehumanized at the mall of america by security and just-run-of-the-mill, mall employees if one day he sees the mall in a ball of fire from a distance? . ...we are all americans now and stop being divisive OR chickens coming home to roost? it's easy to analyze the statistical data and poll numbers from a distance and acknowledge that indeed there are some serious and meaningful discrepancies....but what now, just get over it and stop being so sensitive???? see yens all at starbucks....can't wait!

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