[lbo-talk] Christopher Hitchens dead

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It was in the late-80s -- maybe '88. Anyway, you, me and CH were drinking and bullshitting. I remember CH reading Doug Ireland's initial Press Clips column aloud. I said that Ireland's sentences were too long. CH replied, "It worked for Henry James." Then we talked about the use of "Johnson" to describe dicks.

That was the beginning. I spent countless nights and weekends at his and Carol's apartment. Another lifetime.


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> Weirdly enough, this has left me shaken this morning. So many memories. So many experiences with him.
> Doug and I once met in CH's old house in DC

I don't remember that, actually. I remember running into you on the street shortly after I'd seen CH.

Yeah, I know his politics got really rancid, but I always liked the guy. Warm, friendly, gracious.

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