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Well, in the US, there is Peapod, where you select what you want in their website and then it is delivered to your home.


Looked into it a while ago, but didn't do a thorough price comparison.


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On Dec 18, 2011, at 2:33, Fernando Cassia <fcassia at gmail.com> wrote:

> The solution to his "Problems" (if one can call it that) are two:
> 1. Web sites and home delivery. I don´t know about the US of A but
> down here all major supermarket chains have web sites where you can
> order stuff and have it delivered, in some instances the same day, in
> others the next day, for really little cost. In two instances you pay
> on-line, in other the delivery cleak that arrives to your home carries
> a posnet card reader that works wirelessly (a card swiper connected
> via GSM/3G)
> 2. RFID tags built into every packing container of stuff you buy at
> the supermarket. That would really help the supermarket tally
> everything you´re walking away without the tedious unloading-reloading
> of stuff. But in this approach the cashier at the supermarket would
> keep his job (it has to, anyway, for people that would still pay
> cash).
> 3. In other words, payment is NOT the delay, so Google Wallet or
> no-wallet doesn´t make any difference with regards to the "tedious
> process" of groceries shopping that this guy complains about.
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