[lbo-talk] The Planet is Fine (C.....)

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Dec 18 09:25:34 PST 2011

Joseph Green: Well, Carrol, the point is that you have no policy for the environmental issue . . ..


There is only one pronoun that can legitimately precede a phrase such as " have [a] policy for the environmental issue," and that pronoun is _we_, not "you" or "I." So you complement me here. And I certainly hope that you do not claim to "have" such a policy. But perhaps you haven't read any of my posts over the past year, my emphasis on "we" as the pronoun governing anti-capitalist activity, as well as my insistence on the unacceptable arrogance, the gross misunderstanding of human limits, encapsulated in attempts to provide recipes for the cook shops of the future. I certainly have no recipes; I have been, for 46 years, participating in various activities roughly aimed at generating the political forces which might gain for us the the collective freedom to enable us or our heirs to create the program or programs which might answer your demands here(activities which as a whole, globally, might be labeled the activity of the old mole).

Do you think They will stop global warming. I believe there have been some posts, either here or on pen-l, bewailing that even the few paltry steps They had projected are now to be postponed for 8 years. Do We have a program in operation which will impose on Them the necessary policies? Can They, given the realities of capitalist copetition, even enact such policies if They so wished as individuals?

Consider the the most profound bit of verse from the 20th-century; between the we of the first two lines and the "my" of the last line lies a whole epoch of human history: what are the conditions, how are they to be achieved, under which we can say my and mean We in a new an powerful sense. How are you contributing to the collective struggle for survival -- or do you really think that just hugging own private "policies" is sufficient?

****Is this the best way we can grow our big orchards? Is this the best way we can grow our good fruit? To die like the dry leaves and rot on my topsoil And be known by no name except "deportee."***


P.S. I think one policy of the Marxism list is worth following on all lists: Keep names of posters out of the Subject line.

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