[lbo-talk] The Planet is Fine (Carrol Cox)

Barry Brooks durable at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 17 19:38:07 PST 2011

Somebody Somebody wrote:
> The problem with an putative working class environmentalist movement
> is obvious - the working class does not want to rise up on behalf of
> the proposition that it must consume less. There will be no
> multitudes forming worker's councils on the basis of demanding fewer
> consumer goods. On the contrary, if ever the workers are denied
> these things, they rise up. They will forthrightly turn power over to
> the bourgeoisie if they are offered a chance at consumerism, and
> have done so repeatedly - that is the bald, ugly truth.

Yes, people must consume less, but that does not mean we must have less. We only have what we didn't consume yet. Income and consumption will not yield any wealth if items have zero life-span.

When we confuse income and wealth we obscure solutions. Income is a flow; wealth is a stock.


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