[lbo-talk] The Planet is Fine

shag carpet bomb shag at cleandraws.com
Tue Dec 20 08:09:25 PST 2011

heh. he's got a point Carrol. If the point of sneering at unnamed others is to simply yuck it up among your buddies who already agree with you, then it's a confession of agreement to your point, no? IOW, it's a confession that the interlocutor has ceased trying to convince anyone other than the already convinced or those who were going to be convinced anyway. Which, IYAM, has often been one of your arguments - or do I have it wrong.

At 10:57 AM 12/20/2011, Andy wrote:
>On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 10:51 AM, Carrol Cox <cbcox at ilstu.edu> wrote:
> > Damn it -- can't you debate a point in a straightforward way without
> making
> > some stupid moral sneer at unnamed parties that disagree with you. This is
> > juvenile.
>Could you explain what the point of debate is?

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