[lbo-talk] Workers of Europe unite, you've only Euro chains to lose

c b cb31450 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 11:46:31 PST 2011

Marv G.: -clip- The question assumes, of course, that the interests of the Socialist leaders mostly coincide with those of their base across Europe, an assumption not borne out wherever they have governed.


CB: Marv, with respect to the giant and varied protests in the E U countries where there has been austerity attacks on the working classes , I always say to myself that there must be a substantial portion of the working class that supports these attacks on their own material interests, otherwise the strikes and protests would bring the countries to a halt, and force the Social Dems to do something different. I have suspected that this hypothesized right wing of the working class is scared of the long term growth of immigrants of color "coming home to roost" in the former colonialist metro-poles. Anyway , why would the European Social Dems attack their own base unless a substantial portion of it supported cutting itself ? What is going on ?

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