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SA's article presents a different understanding of OWS in NYC than I've read. From the beginning, according to a number of accounts already posted here, there were union activists involved during the summer planning, and one of the first working groups was outreach, which cultivated ties with Verizon workers, nurse's unions, pilot's union, etc. I have a friend from high school, belongs to a union and has some rather staid, conservative ideas most things. HE's been all for Occupy Wall St since Sept 22. I asked him why and he said that it was because of the outreach OWSers had been doing. They sent emissaries to explain what they were doing and to forge alliances from the beginning and the union helped push the line that they should support OWS, much as they push the line about who to vote for.

Certainly there are anti-union activisits and many are anti-union (especially hierarchical unions) but it seems unusual to paint them this way, as if the union members just showed up the night Bloomie Blinked because they were simply being good sports. They came out because of the active work of OWS activists who cultivated that support.

Also, why an article that doesn't mention the General Strikes in Oakland where, reading Boots Riley and others involved, the point of the GS was to revive a tradition that existed prior to Taft-Hartley. That's been central to the story, the raison d'etre of organizing it to begin with.

Relatedly, the strand of West Coast thought on Occupations is precisely an argument about defying norms and laws regarding what counts as property - how we use it property and the social relations surrounding it. So I guess I'm doubly not getting the charge that Occupations don't understand the need to challenge private property.

Indeed, if I'm remembering correctly, wasn't the the whole point of the occupation at Zuccotti in the first place? There was a recent article posted here or in N+1 perhaps, detailing the activities of the guy who scouted the property in the first place? They wanted to do something defiantly different with public property which is no small task, as we know. But they can hardly be faulted for electing not to occupy private property (like a mall or a walmart) to disrupt production when they started out with about 60 people. You have to build support first, which they did and continue to do.


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