[lbo-talk] Flat screen tvs?

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Mon Dec 26 16:28:27 PST 2011

You've watched Satyajit Ray's movies on a small screen?


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>> Do what I did: buy an iMac! Watch shit on Hulu or use eyetv or some gizmo for regular tv!
>> -- Ravi
> Won't work. I don't watch TV. I only watch movies. So I need a good/big screen.

Why? I don’t watch much TV and I watch a few movies, but I have never found the need for a big screen (bigger than my 21” iMac, or a 27” iMac if you are feeling frisky). I mean the kids with all their sci-fi, action whatever stuff … they might need that 50 inch experience. But us? :-)

Even porn looks bad at that resolution/size! :-)


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