[lbo-talk] Occupy as Media Surplus Value

Nicholas Roberts nicholas at themediasociety.org
Wed Dec 28 20:22:47 PST 2011

its nice to see the UK Occupy crew using their imagination, intelligence as well as their courage.. its important to take on the City of London, its the biggest financial centre, bigger than Wall Street and really the centre of the international financial system. All the big financial meltdowns lately have come out of the London offices aka that little bank called Barrings

The UK activist scene seems to be a lot more media savvy than the US wing which seems to be content to playing the domestic radical extremist card pretty much on cue to the Defence Authorization Act

I watched a snippet of the politics of emergency on Fox News this morning and they where absolutely stoked that the Occupy Wall Street crew "had big plans for the NRC"

Nixon would be loving it

> Occupy Together
> ?Occupy the London Stock Exchange liberated an abandoned court and
> will be putting the 1% on trial.
> http://occupylsx.org/?p=2602
> "These will not be show trials, but public airings of wrongdoing
> perpetuated by those in positions of authority."
> Occupy London liberates abandoned East End magistrate?s court to put
> the one per cent on trial | Occ
> occupyLSX.org
> As the Occupy London Stock Exchange (OccupyLSX) occupation prepares to
> present its case at the High Court today, members of Occupy London
> alongside a group of military veterans ? Occupy Veterans ? have
> liberated a disused court house in London?s Est End. The opening of
> Occupy London?s fourth occupa...

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