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Good grief, this is not EXACTLY on topic, but some dude, ProAcademica, has just ripped me the proverbial new one. See the comment section

I write intermittently on this space; the comments sometimes drive me nuts. I try to be provocative sometimes, but can't believe that people can be so malicious. Maybe I am just naive.

Feel free to comment. 

There is something terribly wrong about peer-reviewed scholarship and about academic publishing in general. It resembles an exclusive club of knowledge production where new knowledge is circulated among an elite group of scholars who confirm each other’s prejudices and biases and then pat each other on the back. In some ways, once new knowledge is produced it tends to be withheld from the general public. 



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Friends will send an occasional article, but no doubt they are an unlikely resource for sustained research. Anyway this is still the precariat begging for favors from an institutionally established elite.

Proposals for policies folks can mobilize around are required; policies that build solidarity among employed, underemployed, and unemployed thinkers and artists are required.

Full access for scholars to scholarly journals is a political issue right now. 

It is not something to anticipate once we've managed a revolution.  It is not something disposed of by TINA because just now profit makes the world go round.


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I guess one thing we can do is encourage people in places (like South Africa, where I am) who are unemployed/underemployed (like me) and battling to get research and writing down while trying to earn a living doing anything possible (...) to send requests to friends and colleagues who can simply download papers through legal channels - jstor or sage or any other direct source - and send them to us.


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