[lbo-talk] A liberal geek defense of Ron Paul

nathan tankus somekindofheterodox at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 11:11:12 PST 2011

"what would Stoller be then? I can't see why being on that group is a contradiction to being Liberal"

Perhaps there is no contradiction, but i don't think he's a liberal. what does it mean to be a "liberal"? is anyone who's not part of the marxian or radical left a "liberal" (and that's assuming he doesn't see himself as a radical)? look at the blog he's guest posting on. Yves Smith isn't a marxist but she certainly isn't a liberal either. she detests Obama and the democrats. she's done invaluable work bringing up things like regulatory corruption and the despicable practices in the foreclosure crisis among many other things. -- -Nathan Tankus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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