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yeah. I lived in farm country and didn't have any problems, but NY is probably more liberal in that regard than Ohio. I was actually shocked to move to Florida and find that they were so accomodating. And truly shocked here in Virginia where they actually purchased some obscure self-published book that we'd placed on ILL but they couldn't find. *They* suggested that they could purchase it if that was desirable. Recently, I learned that, although I check out about 5-7 books from ILL every four weeks or so, I'm still not the one who uses ILL the most!!!

At 06:52 PM 12/31/2011, Bill Quimby wrote:
>Sorry - got to reply cause I have had contradicting experiences..
>Yes, Librarians are great, but Public Libraries everywhere are under
>severe budget
>constraints and they DO HAVE TO PAY for Interlibrary Loan, both in the
>staff time
>required to enter and track an ILL request and the charge per transaction
>of services
>like OCLC.. I personally have been told by (my then) local library that,
>while they
>will process my requests, they would prefer that I not submit them! They
>that instead I see if I can get borrowing privileges from the local
>college library
>(impossible). And this in a state (Ohio) that has been a leader since the
>70's in
>interlibrary cooperation!
>The good news though - I have since moved, and an area public library from
>which I
>can obtain borrowing privileges has joined a statewide ILL consortium that
>college and university libraries and allows access to university holdings
>for the general
>public. BUT this is a library serving the upper class in a suburb of a
>large metropolitan
>area! So things are looking better! But God help the serious reader in the
>counties! (Seriously - they exist!)
>- Bill
>On 12/30/2011 6:45 PM, 123hop at comcast.net wrote:
>>To be sure. Librarians are the best. Probably why they're trying to get
>>rid of
>>----- Original Message ----- that was my question, though. I'm not an
>>yet I can get pretty much any scholarly article or book I want, including
>>of chapters from dissertations, simply by placing the order with interlibrary
>>loan. Takes, tops, three days. I'm assuming SA's ILL system for public
>>just isn't as liberal as in the states? I've, astonishingly, never had to pay
>>either - no matter which state I was in - not even backwater Florida. The
>>librarians bent over backward to help find things. librarians rock. I
>>agree with
>>your colleauge from the spoons list, though, it should be easy to get
>>your hands
>>on scholarly materials. My experience in the states is that it is
>>extremely easy
>>- for social science and humanities stuff. And, even though they claim they
>>charge, they never have, not in 20 years of using the system - even back
>>in the
>>day when they had to physically send copies of articles from journals.
>>At any rate, if I can help, I will!
>>At 01:44 PM 12/30/2011, Ismail Lagardien wrote:
>>>There is an interlibrary loan system
>>>The problem I have faced is that being unemployed/out of the educational
>>>means virtually no access to scholarly material. I am battling to get
>>>publications out to strengthen my job prospects... Alas. I shouldn't
>>>too much, I am employed; just not doing what I want to do - teach.
>>>Ismail Lagardien
>>>Nihil humani a me alienum puto
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>>>[lbo-talk] Serves me right to bitch and moan
>>>looks like. from what I can tell, the system is more stringent in SA,
>>>with ILL
>>>access mentioned WRT university systems, and not public libraries such as I
>>>have mostly dealt with.
>>>I imagine this is has roots in the same ideas that gave rise to the
>>>in copyright/intellectual property laws in u.s. v europe?
>>><> The Google tells me there is interlibrary loan in SA. Is it different <>
>>>there? <>

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