[lbo-talk] Politics of DIY

Percival Myers permaceaem at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 14:31:35 PST 2011

At 11:21 23 01 11, James Leveque wrote:

>[The following article aggravated the hell out of me, but maybe I'm being a
>little too harsh because I'm not all that familiar with the culture. The DIY
>movement (or perhaps more accurately, "movement") is characterized as
>politically left-wing, with references to anarchism, punk, a 'democratic
>world-view', organic farming, etc...

I don't get that. About the DIY movement. Lefty? While there are some "green" overtones, it's more about DIY on a non-political basis, in my observations. In a "bootstrap yourself" sort of way, not in an indoctrinational way.

But the plethora and apparent success of DIY programs? Raises other issues. Such as devaluing skilled trades by exposing their secrets. Which is arguably good for you and me, unless ours are the trades being exposed and cheapened by these revelations.

Isn't this another instance of Capital devaluing Labor?


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