[lbo-talk] Off the deep end in Egypt

Carl G. Estabrook galliher at illinois.edu
Mon Apr 14 16:13:29 PDT 2014

A silly (and quite destructive) dismissal, precluding a just appraisal of one of the most important 20th century poets in English - who was hardly above criticism.

A more just appraisal from the late American poet Bill Knott:


well alright I grant you he was a fascist ahem antisemitism the er war and all I’m not defending them but at least you’ve got to admit at least he made the quatrains run on time


On Apr 14, 2014, at 5:33 PM, Michael Smith <mjs at smithbowen.net> wrote:

> ...
> Puts me in mind of Gertrude Stein on Ezra Pound: "A village
> explainer, which is nice if you're a village, and if not, not."

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