[lbo-talk] Krugman: So Much for Obamacare Not Working

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Wed Jul 9 11:38:41 PDT 2014

On 7/1/2014, Charles Brown wrote:

> www.nytimes.com/2014/06/27/opinion/paul-krugman-so-much-for-obamacare-not-working.html?smid=fb-share
> The Incompetence Dogma
> So Much for Obamacare Not Working
> . . . .
> > Paul Krugman
> Have you been following the news about Obamacare?


> [ SNIPs: etc., etc.]

Apparently, Mr. Krugman has not been following sufficiently to feel it relevant to note and discuss the on balance enormous premium increases being imposed around the country.

Providing the URL and excerpt of the cited piece appears baselessly to try to defend Mr. Obama by buying into the unsupportable notion that the oxymoronically named PPACA, enacted primarily as the result of the POTUS' early back-door give-aways to Big Pharma and private insurers, is and will provide "affordable" (or anything close) medical care and treatment for most not already able to buy "gold" coverage or to self-insure or to be on Medicare in an area of the country already well served by medical care providers (who have not opted out of the Medicare programs).

In any event, Krugman's enthusiasm for the PPACA appears to be premature at best and his pretense that only "right-wingers" have reason to be troubled is pathetic.

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