[lbo-talk] hucksterism, the quick score, etc.

martin schiller mschiller at pobox.com
Thu Jul 17 07:20:35 PDT 2014

On Jul 17, 2014, at 4:49 AM, Arthur Maisel <arthurmaisel at gmail.com> wrote:

> Maybe there are elements within the individual v. the system myth that can
> be given more emphasis so that it promotes collective action (the town
> rallies around George Bailey in his hour of need; etc.).

The ‘myth’ that I like, and employ, is to encourage viewing the government as a corporation, and the citizen as a shareholder. Emphasis is added to the shareholder meme to give it ‘equal and non-transferable’ status.

The ‘citizen’ understands what the shareholder should expect from their corporation.

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