[lbo-talk] F.A.A. Halts U.S. Flights to Israel

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Jul 22 20:27:45 PDT 2014

" This poses a bit of a dilemma for the American defenders of Israel's campaign in Gaza. They've been pulling out all the guns, so to speak, to project the mindset that this is a more or less equal military contest, or at least morally equivalent. The American media has bent over backwards to emphasize the damage in Israel. The Times published a graphic comparing number of "rockets launched" by Hamas with number of actual "strikes" by Israel, though they couldn't hide the twenty-to-one disparity in deaths (which is probably much higher, since the numbers come from the IDF)."

This ignores the fact that politics are not a high-school debate with judges to determine which side wins. The defenders need not convince anyone because mere passive public opinion has long ceased to be relevant to the actions of the state.


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