[lbo-talk] Capitalism is incompatible with a sustainable enivironment

Mike Ballard mbbtraven5 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 20:40:13 PDT 2014

There is an inherent contradiction between the needs of capital to expand/grow and the question of environmental sustainability. It's illusory to think this is all Tony Abbott's fault. We Earthlings have reached a systemic failure. We need to change the mode of production to one which suits our needs, not the needs of those who own capital.

Figures were produced showing that action to mitigate climate change would cost the US between $800bn and $3.6tn by 2100. It would be another decade before other factions of capital began to mobilise in favour of limiting GHG emissions (we will encounter these in due course).

For comparison, the US bank bailouts cost $11.6tn over 19 months, suggesting the banking system is too big to fail but the climate system is not.

full piece from the authors of "Aufheben" is here: http://libcom.org/files/21-climate-change.pdf

Mike B)

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