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Thanks for the tips, folks. They were helpful.

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> I'm mostly not very confident of my grasp of left criticism of the economy
> and yet am a long time subscriber here, happily gleaning what I can glean.
> I'm in a conversation right now where I'm being hit with "wealth is not a
> zero sum game." Because I had a superficial understanding of it at first I
> did a teeny bit of googling and found it is a major talking point with
> apologists all over.
> My point in the conversation is basically that our current system is
> incredibly exploitative both of natural resources and labor. They repeat
> the wealth is not a zero sum game. Is this just wrong, a red herring?? any
> pointers.
> *********************************************************************
> Despite a decade of negative real returns on equities, several equity
> bear markets and the collapse of housing bubbles, the 2013 Credit
> Suisse Wealth Report finds that global wealth has more than doubled
> since 2000, reaching a new all-time high of 241 trillion US dollars.
> Strong economic growth and rising population levels in emerging
> nations are important drivers of this trend. Average wealth per adult
> has also hit a new peak of 51,600 US dollars, but inequality remains
> high. full:
> https://www.credit-suisse.com/au/en/news-and-expertise/research/credit-suisse-research-institute/news-and-videos.article.html/article/pwp/news-and-expertise/2013/10/en/global-wealth-reaches-new-all-time-high.html
> Wealth is growing globally. It's being produced by the working class.
> However, 80% of it is being appropriated by the top 10% of the
> population. Details at the link. And the reason is that that's how
> the wage system works. Check out 'Value, Price and Profit' at the
> Wobbly times blogspot below:
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