[lbo-talk] We are the 99% ! We will win !

Charles Brown cb31450 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 05:07:32 PDT 2014

To someone who was calling Occupy Wall Street a "mess": I want to say as someone who has been on the left going to protest demonstrations for 46 years starting about 1968 at University of Michigan, but then to many national demos in DC including Solidarity Day 1981, and the NYC anti-nuke demo of 1 million, and many ,many more nationally and locally. I camped out against war on Iraq in sympathy with Cindy Sheehan. The Occupy Wall Street protest was and is a qualitative advance, a revolution, in left protest demonstrations of the modern era. Because 1) it lasted so damn long and 2) it was literally on the ground nationally , all over the country physically, not just in "DC" ; 3) and _not_ in DC but centered in Wall Street, the capitalists' center, not their politicians' center. Occupy Wall Street is radical because it gets at the capitalists' root. 4)Occupy Wall Street continues to exist as a facebook network of pages ( and probably other social media), nationally , and the activists are still in touch with each other locally in many places; carrying out scores of local protests and political actions. All I can do is salute the new generation of left activists who are Occupy Wall Street, and hand over the generational baton to a new group of worthy revolutionaries

We are the 99% ! We will win !

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