[lbo-talk] The pressure on Russia to settle

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Sat Mar 15 07:49:31 PDT 2014

On Mar 15, 2014, at 10:25 AM, JOANNA A. wrote:

> My chat buddy in Moscow who is a bond trader tells me that everybody
> has already gotten their money stowed away pretty much.
> But what is delightful about the whole business is that the U.S. is
> now about to "discover" that Russian oligarchs made their money by
> stealing.
> Who'd have thunk it?

One question being scrupulously unasked by all the MSM: how much Russian debt is on the balance sheets of European--especially German-- banks? That censorship seems to be in effect because the likelihood of default is directly--maybe even disproportionally--proportional to the severity of sanctions. One big failure might even have the effect of a nuclear bomb under the Euro-American financial system. Anybody here remember Kreditanstalt Verein? One would hope that there are people in power who do!

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