[lbo-talk] War is against nature, including human nature.

Charles Brown cb31450 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 06:20:38 PDT 2014

what crap- most physical Anthropologist will say that the reason the cranium, and resulted in brain-evolution was exactly because early species of Homo- were meat eaters and scavagers.///// I doubt most. There is a shift in the profession. More scavenging earlier in australopithecine. And certainly not killing an eating your own kind. That would be sub-natural. _Most_ species do not eat their own kind ! Why would proto humans do something lions don't even do ? Except in the rarest, rarest crises ? The last ones australopithecines would be killing would be other australopitheciness, i.e. your own species. War is sub-natural in that regard. No other species does wholesale slaughter of their own kind. And especially to kill them and not eat them. Why kill them if not for food would have been the question all the carnivore species of all times would like to ask humans about war ? So, no making war is not part of human nature. It is not part of human nature that humans share with all other _natural_ species, carnivores in particular. War is unnatural in the biological sense of "natural". It is against nature.

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