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Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sdn3O6aaMNc Lyrics: http://www.broadcomedy.com/Lyrics-I-Didnt-Fuck-It-Up

I Didn't Fuck It Up

by Katie Goodman & Soren Kisiel Copyright 2009

There's never been a time There's never been a time There's never been a time As fucked up as this. As fucked up as this.

I didn't fuck it up You, probably, didn't fuck it up But they, they fucked it up Now it's fucked up.

I can't un-fuck it up You, probably, can't un-fuck it up And if we're counting on them to un-fuck it up Then we're all fucked.

Okay here's the point where you join in. You don't have to sing, just turn to the person next to you and ask:

Did you fuck it up? (Go on, ask them!) Now turn to the person on the other side of you and ask: How 'bout you? Did you fuck it up? And now say, Cuz you look like someone who could have fucked it up. Now we're all fucked.

Okay, now pick yourself up off the floor and get sort of a hopeful tone and ask the people around you: Could you help un-fuck it up?

Now sit back and look at these people and roll your eyes and say: Are you really soooooo fucking busy that you can't take one fucking minute to un-fuck it up?!

Okay, now lose the righteous asshole attitude and say: I mean, I'm willing to pick one thing to help un-fuck up. Won't you join me? That's better! Isn't that better? Oh I'm really feeling the love, but ya know, the problem is deep down inside it's hard not to still be pissed off that it's fucked up to begin with. It just keeps going round and round -- So come on, back with me now!

I didn't fuck it up. (That's right, let it out, ya know ya feel it!) You, probably, didn't fuck it up (You don't have to believe it, but just go with it for now.) But they, (Shift the blame!) they fucked it up! Now it's fucked up.

But now wait! How did we get back to this feeling depressed again?! Shit! We were just gonna change the world. What happened? I know! Let's fill this place up with love and oneness and it won't last past the time you leave here tonight, but whatever:

You guys on the left: Let's all un-fuck it up! And you guys on the right: It's fucked, it's fucked, it's fucked, it' fucked.... And finally the middle section: I wanna be an un-fucker!!

With all your heart now! I wanna be an unfucker! With all your soul! I wanna be an unfucker!

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